Reaching new segments in the market

Draft beer is generally a good business for a brewery. Effective distribution, good logistics and reduced operational needs are factors that usually make draft beer contribute twice as much per liter to the bottom line compared to bottled beer. Until now the threshold for profitability has been high with draft beer. When sales reach below 30 hectoliters per tap per year, the business case no longer adds up. This causes the consumer experience to suffer and sales will drop even further.

Draft beer to smaller outlets

The challenges of traditional draft beer systems are twofold: Hygiene and the durability of beer in a broached keg. Addressing hygiene requires regular cleaning, which increases labour costs and beer waste. Addressing the fresh life of beer requires cooling and short, clean dispense lines. FlexiDraft™ delivers on both these counts. First of all, the beer is stored cool just below the counter, allowing you to increase the fresh life of beer in a broached keg from three to 30 days. And secondly, hygiene issues are effectively eliminated by using disposable beer lines. Lengthy cleansing procedures are a thing of the past. You simply throw the beer lines away, disposing of the problem.

A perfect pint every time

The temperature and pressure in a FlexiDraft™ dispensing system are constant and fixed, ensuring a perfect glass every pour. These are the advantages that make users happy from Melbourne to Odense to Ethiopia. The Japanese café owner in Melbourne is happy for a system that simply works. “No problems. Very good”. In Odense, the innkeeper is thrilled to offer his customers greater choice on tap, even though sales per tap are limited. But with a 30-day fresh life and with no beer waste from cleaning and servicing, revenues are up. In Ethiopia, draft beer is very popular. But the long distances out to small and medium-sized outlets in rural areas make traditional dispensing systems unprofitable. With FlexiDraft™, the brewery can guarantee premium draft beer quality delivered by a dispensing system that needs no technical maintenance.

More draft beer, more market share, better bottom line

It’s a well-established fact that producing draft beer rather than bottled beer offers a more profitable production. As a general rule of thumb, a 10% share of draft beer in your overall production will generate 20% of your bottom line revenue. So if you can eliminate the costs of servicing and cleaning traditional draft beer systems, while increasing the fresh life and quality of the beer, business will be better. Brewing draft beer will help you expand your market share, reaching new types of customers. And it will strengthen your business ties and profitability with existing customers.