The Game-changing draft beer system

FlexiDraft™ is a revolutionary draft beer system. Its unique disposable One-Way Beer Line means no cleaning and no maintenance. It also extends the fresh life of beer in a broached keg from 6 to 30 days.

Stagnant beer in long lines, time-consuming cleaning and frequent maintenance are things of the past. Once a keg is empty, you simply dispose of the patented One-Way Beer Line, fit a new one and you are ready to go.

The One-Way Beer Line fits all standard keg connections and a FlexiDraft™ keg change takes seconds, rather than the up to 45 minutes it can take to clean a conventional line.

In this way, FlexiDraft™ eliminates hygiene issues, reduces downtime and cuts operational costs.

  • Suitable for existing and new bar set-ups

  • Compatible with all standard kegs

  • Fits all common connections

  • Designed for up to 40-60 hectolitres per year per tap

  • Consistent beer quality for up to 30 days