Better Draft sells more beer

Experience speaks for itself. Good draft beer sells better. This system helps you take a giant leap forward in the quality of beer you serve – and helps you enjoy a marked rise in profits.

With FlexiDraft™ you take a giant leap forward in beer quality

Every day, bad beer is served at many outlets worldwide – beer served in dirty glasses that is warm, insipid and unpleasant to taste. That’s a sure way to ruin your turnover. And with lower revenues, outlets will lose interest in your beer. This starts a downward spiral where bad beer sells increasingly badly.
Here we list the ten pitfalls that give bad beer quality – and how FlexiDraft™ eliminates these issues and ensure that the brewing company and outlets alike enjoy a healthy turnover in draft beer sales.

#1 Cleaning of system

Challenge: Cleaning and maintaining a conventional system is not free. But if you don’t deliver on cleaning the quality of beer will fall. The beer will suffer undesirable off-flavors and appear cloudy.

Solution: one-way beer line: FlexiDraft™ eliminates the expensive cleaning processes. The kegs are located directly below the dispensing tap and the beer flows through a disposable beer line.
This optimizes the hygiene and quality of the beer.

#2 Contamination from beer lines

Challenge: Bacteria in the beer lines can spread to the keg and make the beer sour and bad.

Solution: one-way beer line: FlexiDraft™ eliminates this issue of infection. Kegs are located directly below the dispensing tap and kept refrigerated. The beer flows through a disposable beer line.
This optimizes the hygiene and quality of the beer.

#3 Beer fresh life

Challenge: When a keg is in use it should preferably be emptied within 3 days. If the keg stays tapped for any longer, you risk sour and bad beer.

Solution: FlexiDraft™: Since there are no issues with the accumulation of bacteria in the beer lines and since the beer is always cold, the beer will remain fresh for up to 30 days.

#4 Wrong temperature

Challenge: Incorrect temperature spoils the pleasure of beer. Beer that is served too warm on a hot and humid day will result in a disappointing consumer experience. Conversely, specialty beers served too cold are also a major problem. Ale, for example, should be served at a higher temperature than a traditional lager beer.

Solution: FlexiDraft™: The temperature is fixed at the brewery specified level. You can differentiate the cooling temperatures for various types of beer, allowing the serving temperature to be individually customized.

#5 Wrong pressure

Challenge: You often experience bartenders who are unable to handle a draft beer dispenser correctly. Wrong pressure results in beer with too much foam – and the beer becomes flat (i.e. not fizzy). No one will order a second beer.

Solution: FlexiDraft™: The gas feed pressure is fixed, too. There is no opportunity for the system to be operated in a wrong way.

#6 Breakdown

Challenge: When the system is down, beer cannot be served. This is bad for business and impacts negatively on the brand image of the beer.

Solution: FlexiDraft™: When was the last time you experienced problems with your refrigerator? This rarely happens. This is what makes Flexi-Draft™ such a robust system that works.

#7 Beer in the beer line

Challenge: Traditional draft beer systems are often designed with a long flow distance from keg to tap. Consequently beer lines are always full of beer and should be emptied at the end of the day – but does this actually happen? In fact, bartenders often know that the first guest won’t be getting the best beer experience.

Solution: FlexiDraft™: The flow distance between the keg and tap is short. There is nearly no beer waste.

#8 Specialty beer

Challenge: Specialty beer has experienced a boom of interest in recent years, which is great. The best specialty beers are served fresh from the keg. The advantage for you as a brewery and for the outlet is that specialty beer has a significantly higher gross margin. The problem is that the turnover per tap is relatively low.
This risks old and contaminated beer being served to clients.

Solution: FlexiDraft™: FlexiDraft™ is an ideal system for specialty beers. The use of small kegs in combination with high levels of hygiene and durability ensures the profitability of offering specialty beers on tap – to the delight of the discerning, beer-conscious consumer.

#9 Kegs too big?

Challenge: The rate of tap turnover at outlets is declining globally. Changed drinking habits, greater restrictions through drinking and driving, greater appreciation of family experiences, etc. makes customers often just enjoy one or two glasses. This causes lower revenue per tap. When you use large kegs, you risk greater waste due to old and contaminated beer.

Solution: FlexiDraft™: You get the best beer quality with small kegs which ensures high levels of hygiene and long fresh life. That’s what you get with FlexiDraft™. An individual outlet can also benefit from combining a traditional draft beer system serving beer with a high turnover rate with a FlexiDraft™ system for beer selling in smaller quantities.

#10 Bad draft beer rituals

Challenge: Wrong style of drinking glasses and dirty glasses. No beer mat, no drop-catcher and no visualization of the brand – these are all signs that the outlet does not take marketing seriously. The bar needs education.

Solution: FlexiDraft™: FlexiDraft™ cannot in itself address these issues. However, the system provides quality in the glass. And that is the best way of developing a good draft beer culture.